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Analytical Methods

Environmental Chemistry

The Analytical Methods in Environmental Chemistry is a peer-reviewed journal in all aspects and phases of analytical chemistry, analytical methods in environmental chemistry, chemical analysis, environmental health, and human bio-analysis.

AMEC Journal

Analytical Methods in Environmental Chemistry

This Journal publishes new techniques in analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry, and Analytical Method in Occupational Health, Environmental Health, and Human Bio-analysis.

International Conference on Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry and Applications

January 18-19, 2022

Bangkok, Thailand

Conference Code: 22TH01ICIMMSA

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International Conference on Advanced Digital Computers for Analytical Chemistry

February 15-16, 2022

Istanbul, Turkey

Conference Code: 22TR02ICADCAC

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International Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Technology

February 18-19, 2022

Rome, Italy

Conference Code: 22IT02ICACT

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International Conference on Uranium and Chemistry Toxicological Effects

March 11-12, 2022

Miami, United States

Conference Code: 22US03ICUCTE

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International Conference on Advances in Analytical Chemistry

January 28-29, 2022

Sydney, Australia

Conference Code: 22AU01ICAAC

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The Guide to Environmental Analytical Methods was originally developed from a method comparison document called Variability in Protocols (VIP) published by the EPA Risk Reduction Engineering Laboratory in Cincinnati, Ohio. VIP provided a useful tool for understanding similarities and differences among commonly used environmental test methods. This concept was greatly expanded by Northeast Analytical’s staff with the first publication of the Guide to Environmental Analytical Methods in 1992. Now in its fifth edition, and under new editorship, The Guide has become a popular reference tool for all who work in the environmental field. Dr. Roy-Keith Smith retired in June, 2000 from his former position as Quality Assurance Manger and Analytical Methods Manager with a prominent commercial environmental laboratory in the Southeast. His retirement has actually provided more time for him to delve into the intricacies of the environmental industry, unhampered by the day-to-day distractions of the laboratory. Besides writing, Dr. Smith has been busy serving as an expert witness for environmental lawsuits, where his specialty of foundation destruction has been widely appreciated, and for teaching, presenting seminars, and laboratory consultations. He can be reached through Genium Publishing,

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